Slide Committed to create value, genuine value. Sayl is a dynamic and vibrant company, not afraid to invest efforts in
disruptive ideas that can provide beautiful, environmentally friendly products
with new functionalities and concepts for the hotel industry.

The aim of the whole Sayl team is to contribute to
generate additional value to the World, through our customers and thanks to
our products and services, this is our commitment, to create value,
true value for everyone.La aspiración de todo el equipo de Sayl es realizar un aporte al mundo a través de nuestros clientes y gracias a nuestros productos y servicios.
Committed to our products: At Sayl we design all our products without fear of breaking the norm, we think it is nonsense to create copies of
existing products, if we believe that we are not bringing something new with our
products, we simply do not produce them. We try to add
value to the world with our products, not add products to the world.
Committed to our customers: In Sayl there are very diverse profiles that help us to face the challenges from different perspectives, but there is a non-negotiable common denominator of our team: the vocation of service.
Committed to the world: Sayl is strongly committed to highly energy-efficient products and to
reduce the impact our equipment has on the environment,
especially on global warming. That is why we have turned
our efforts and economic investments in providing our factory with the
the technology needed to manufacture products in line with these parameters.

We are proud to be pioneers in offering all our products
in R600a and R290a gases with excellent thermodynamic properties (maximum
efficiency); with a zero ozone depletion potential and a negligible global warming gases (GWP) compared to HFC gases.
R600a/R290a = 3 GWP
R134a=1,430 GWP
R404a=3,922 GWP

Committed to quality: Sayl only uses top brands and high quality components in
the production of their equipment. All of our products must pass three
quality controls during its production process, in order to guarantee the quality
of the finished product.
Committed to our team: Sayl's great strength is the multidisciplinary and committed team that the company has. We encourage balance between
personal and professional life, promote continuous training and create a pleasant, fair and motivating work athmosphere.
Committed to our life: We are committed to providing value to ourselves by learning every day from
our experiences, our team, our clients and our competitors.
These are our every day challenges, that makes us
offer the world, the best version of ourselves.